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Kollmorgen Support Network

Frameless Motor Landing Page >

This landing page is a portal for supplementary support for frameless motors including startup guides, FAQs, and other application notes.

Setup of Unknown Motors >

Valid for S300, S700 (S400 & S600 minimal changes in display)

Motor Choke >

Why use motor chokes? The motor choke: compensates high capacitive charge/discharge currents typical of shielded motor cables approx. 25 m and longer; reduces current alternation noise in the motor; reduces current ripple in the motor. Read more.

Hybrid connector motor M23 >

  View     Contact socket       Contacts  

Frameless Torque Motor Installation >

Installation information for Torquer Motors

Deep water application >

Hi, We are investigating an electric drive for a deep water application (down to 4000m). A rough specification is as follows: Speed range 0 – 360 rpm Max torque in the range 60 – 80Nm for a period of 1-2 sec.s, then reduced torque in the…

AKMH in Salt Water (Marine) Environments >

While we don’t technically have a salt water rating for the AKMH series motors, we have done salt fog testing to simulate the marine environment with good results.  The AKMH series motor is certainly a recommendation for that…

Voice Coil Motors >

Voice Coil Actuators are single phase motors which can be controller like a DC motor. Inverting the current direction inverts the force direction. Bidirectional actuators can be realized, rotatory as well as linear. Voice Coil motors can be…
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