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Expansion Cards >

General The servo amplifiers S300, S600 and S700 have an expansion card slot. The servo amplifier's Instruction Manual describes how to install the expansion card to the slot.

Expansion Card FAN >

The option FAN Option (S700: F2, S600:FAN) is an electronics, which controls the velocity of the integrated fan depending on temperature measurement. This reduces the overall noise emission of the servo amplifier. The servo amplifiers must be ordered…

Expansion Card Safety-S2-2 >

Table of Contents General Documents Front cover Approved motor feedback types   Safety…

Expansion Card Safety-S1-2 >

Table of Contents General Documents Front cover Approved motor feedback types Safety functions

Expansion Card POS-IO >

Usable with S700

Expansion Card POS-IO-Monitor >

Table of Contents General Expansion Card Front Cover Connectivity Feedback (X5)

Accessories >

Industrial use of ever-faster and technically more complex servo drives in all areas of machinery, plant and equipment manufacture requires high-quality accessories. No EMC problems, safe drive operation, Plug-and-Play are guaranteed with the…

S300 and S600 Profibus Option Cards >

Profibus Option Card Labels: The Profibus option card for the S300 and S700 is labeled "Proibus DP".  (OPTION = H0Cxx) The Profibus option card for the S600 is labeled "Profibus".  (OPTION = H02xx) The two option…

Radford (R03) to Germany (D01) Accessories Cross Reference >

This excel file contains many of the accessories sold in the U.S. and Europe.  Often the U.S. part number will coincide with the European standard of DE-XXXXX.  This file contains the part numbers that diverge from this standard.
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