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Trade Compliance >

Kollmorgen is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility. Kollmorgen is also committed to complying with Section 1502, in…
Selecting the Proper Cables for Your Stepper or Servo System, Kollmorgen

Selecting the Proper Cables for Your Stepper or Servo System >

Engineers devote a lot of time and effort designing highly efficient, reliable, and economical stepper or servo motor positioning systems. They select a motor, a controller, appropriate feedback circuits, and an amplifier to satisfy the specific…

Grounding and Shielding Landing Page (Prevent Noise Issues) >

Broad best practices and resources for EMI best practices & troubleshooting.
Kollmorgen Cables de-tangling

Cables: Untangling the Mystery  >

Accessory, afterthought, or essential component? Motors and drives are the dynamic duo of motion systems—but what about cables, the unsung hero? Cables power the system, deliver the data, and support the motor and drive in performing to their optimum…

G & L Basic Support Document  >

This document covers the basic support for the G&L products.  It includes information  on the three different edition levels of PicPro.  Information on the different G&L files types and how to determine what version…

Resolving Servo Feedback Choices >

This PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including: The differences between absolute and incremental devices. The differences between analog and digital devices. Typical…
Kollmorgen Servo Accessories

Accessories for Digital Motion Systems in Europe >

Accessories for digital Motion Systems in Europe

Shielding Cables: Eliminating Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in Motion Systems >

If you experience some unintended motion or unexplained drive faults in your motion system, there are several possible causes. For example, motion setup through the drive, a poorly designed program within the control, and motor or feedback…
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Selection Guide

Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide >

High-performance servo systems require high signal integrity. Electrical noise in the system can cause degraded performance or even instability. Therefore, well-designed connectors and cables are as critical to the system as are motors, drives and…
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