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Effective treatment of disease begins with fast, accurate diagnosis.

In vitro studies of patient fluids, cells and tissues influence 60% to 70% of clinical decisions.1 Even before the COVID-19 crisis arrived, new test methods and growing test volumes were already driving a strong need for new and upgraded clinical analyzers—both in the laboratory and at medical centers. Maximum productivity requires quick, precise, coordinated motion for positioning pipettes, aspirating aliquots, dispensing reagents and more.

As a trusted supplier to many major manufacturers, Kollmorgen understands the specialized motion requirements of in vitro diagnostic devices.

Kollmorgen motion systems offer precise single-axis or coordinated multi-axis control. Our broad portfolio includes compact designs that provide the torque and power density needed for highly dynamic motion even in a small machine footprint or in low-voltage/mobile applications. Our Powermax NEMA 23 stepper motors deliver precise motion control without the need for encoders and feedback circuits, and they feature oversized bearings for increased service life.

With these and other motion products, we offer an extensive selection of standard models and rapid prototyping of customized options for a perfect fit.

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Top Products for In Vitro Diagnostics

2G Motion System

2G Motion System >

Kollmorgen introduces the next generation of motion for more ambitious machines built on more capable performance and more confident engineering. The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System harnesses the full performance potential of our leading AKM2G servo motors and perfectly matched AKD2G drives designed to deliver unrivaled power density and control. The result is significantly enhanced torque, responsiveness and SafeMotion capabilities in a compact footprint that enables easy installation and total flexibility.

AKM Motors >

Our best-in-class, high-performance servomotors offer a wide range of mounting, connectivity, feedback and other options. More than 500,000 standard models are available along with co-engineered modifications to suit almost any application…
High TorquePOWERMAX II® M and P Stepper Motors - Kollmorgen

POWERMAX II® M and P series Stepper Motors >

The POWERMAX II® M and P Series are NEMA 23 stepper motors feature an octagonal housing and are available in half-, single-, and two-stack configurations. These units offer a wide variety of standard options and affordable co-engineered modifications, without sacrificing scalability and lead time.

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