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How the Kollmorgen Automation Suite Helps Achieve Dynamic Motion Control

How the Kollmorgen Automation Suite Helps Achieve Dynamic Motion Control  >

High-speed registration, torque and tension control, camming, and circular interpolation are a handful of the motion challenges machine designers need to address in their high-quality machines. The Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) combines our…
Motion Control Solutions for Vertical Form-Fill-Seal

Motion Control Solutions for Vertical Form-Fill-Seal >

Manufacturers have ambitious goals for vertical form-ill-seal machines. Uniting key benefits such as ease of use, flexibility and value, Kollmorgen empowers machine builders to address the rigorous demands of an ever-changing market. In this web…
What is Cogging and Torque Ripple?

What is Cogging and Torque Ripple? >

Cogging and torque ripple are unavoidable artifacts of motion system design. Learn how these factors affect you EO/IR System.
Frameless Motors

How to Properly size your torque motor for EO/IR applications >

Simple peak and continuous torque requirements are not enough for motor sizing. Learn what other considerations affect EO/IR motion platforms.
Frameless Motor

Form factor optimization (D²L Rule) >

The length and diameter of your motor have dramatic effects on stabilized platform performance. Learn how to apply this rule to size the most compact motor.
Frameless motors

Motor Topology options for EO/IR Applications >

Go big or go long? Motor choice is about balancing the need for torque, form factor, and performance. Beyond length and diameter, learn how other motor topologies optimize your EO/IR platform.
Kollmorgen webinar, What is a Servo Motor?

What is a Servo Motor? >

When researching motor options for an application, one type that often comes up is “servo” motor. Many manufacturers expand and add descriptions like AC and brushless. What do these terms mean and what exactly is a servo motor?
Stepper Webinar

Step Into Motion: The 411 on Stepper Technology >

No need to call information to learn about step motion. Each axis of motion has different requirements, and while some need full servo control, many can be economically solved with stepper motors. Wondering when to use one technology versus the…

Developing Your High-Slice, High-Res CT Scanner: A Cross-Functional View >

Motor and control engineering, operations, technical support and more: When designing motion for an advanced medical imaging system, there are many perspectives on success. You do not want your project to be derailed by stakeholders working in…
Under the Microscope: What to Look for in Hygienic Machine Design

Under the Microscope: What to Look for in Hygienic Machine Design >

Are you focusing on the right design features? When you consider the cost and disruption of a recall, you need to be certain that every washdown is effectively removing pathogens—without also prematurely killing off your motors.
How to Leverage Co-Engineering with Kollmorgen

How to Leverage Co-Engineering with Kollmorgen >

Design engineers have many complex, interrelated decisions to make. Customizing a solution can be time consuming and expensive, but using an existing product can be limiting. With Kollmorgen co-engineering, you can get a custom-like solution without…
AKD2G Setup: I/O, Motion Tasks, and the Scope Tool

AKD2G Setup: I/O, Motion Tasks, and the Scope Tool >

If you have some experience with the AKD or AKD2G, but want a little more in the form of a guided setup, then join us for this webinar. Learn best practices across all key steps of set-up, with the opportunity to ask your specific questions to our…

Implementing New AKD2G Drive Features  >

The Workbench software used to commission and optimize our new-generation AKD2G servo drives receives regular updates and new features. Curious about what’s new and how it might benefit your machine? Then this webinar is for you. Join us as Will…
10 SafeMotion™ Functions to Consider for Your Application

10 SafeMotion™ Functions to Consider for Your Application >

Famous last words: “Don’t stop the machine, I’ll just…” Manufacturers used to rely on physical barriers and total machine shutdown to protect workers. But with today’s high production quotas and thin margins, too many people are taking unnecessary…
Machine Safety: Welcome to a New Era of Protection and Productivity, Kollmorgen

Machine Safety: Welcome to a New Era of Protection and Productivity >

Learn about the evolution of machine safety—from cages and disrupted production to light curtains and continuous production in the age of industry 4.0. Additionally, we'll cover functional safety and how safety+productivity practically eliminates…

Online Training

Kollmorgen has been developing on-line courses for a number of years to deliver to our internal team and channel partners. We are now bringing this style of learning to our customers as well starting with one of our programming courses: AKD BASIC. Distributor Partners can access additional learning here: learning center >


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