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| 11 a.m. ET

In the realm of robotics, exoskeletons stand at the forefront of innovation, promising transformative possibilities in mobility enhancement and industrial augmentation. As the demand surges across diverse sectors such as military and logistics, the rehabilitation sector for exoskeletons is especially primed for growth due to aging populations and increasing disabilities. The quest for unparalleled motion control solutions becomes imperative to unlock their full potential.

In this session, engineers will delve into the intricate world of exoskeleton development through the lens of three critical questions:

  1. Navigating Mobility Challenges: Explore the multifaceted hurdles associated with developing mobile exoskeletons, from balancing weight distribution to ensuring optimal movement dynamics in various environments.
  2. Optimizing Motion Solutions: Discover how the careful selection of motion control solutions can address scalability challenges while ensuring cost-effectiveness during commercial production, unlocking the potential for widespread adoption.
  3. Maximizing Motor Efficiency: Learn how to specify the proper permanent-magnet motor to enhance efficiency and operating time, enabling exoskeletons to operate at peak performance levels while minimizing energy consumption.
| 11 a.m. ET

About the Presenter(s)

Yoshi Umeno
Yoshi Umeno

Yoshi Umeno, a 17+ year expert in robotics and motion control has diverse experience in a wide range of industrial applications and various roles in engineering, marketing, operations, and sales, and is currently the Global Market Manager for robotics for Kollmorgen. When not having a great time supporting customers in the exciting world of robotics, Yoshi enjoys running, learning languages, and doing outdoor activities with his family.

Tom S Wood
Tom S. Wood

Tom S. Wood, a 35+ year veteran in high-performance motion, has integrated motion control solutions as a machine designer, manufacturer’s representative, High-Tech distributor, and as a Kollmorgen Motion Control Product Specialist. He has extensive experience designing next-generation motion systems for the aerospace and defense industry as well as for robotics applications that improve everything from workplace safety to patient mobility. Tom enjoys helping engineers understand how to enhance their projects through frameless technology that delivers high performance in a compact form.