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Organizing an application design from concept to construction can be a tremendous task. Applications such as a gantry—a multi-axis structure that shares a load—require special attention in selecting and implementing components. Since most gantry systems require synchronization of motion across two axes, programming the system is also a major consideration. Together, we’ll review the requirements of a load-sharing gantry system, then size the system, select components, and program the motion using Workbench software.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What specialized needs to consider, including alignment and load sharing
  • How to select and size products for gantry axes
  • How to program the gantry axes into the AKD2G drive

About the Presenter(s)

Gordon Ritchie
Gordon Ritchie has over 31 years of experience partnering with machine builders to design motion solutions across the broadest array of applications. He teaches more than 60 technical motion classes each year as well as mentoring application and technical support teams. Gordon is an avid learner who enjoys the Blue Ridge Mountains, photography and videography.