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When you have questions about motion control, turn to Kollmorgen for expert advice. Our Ask the Experts series brings together skilled motion specialists to explore our customers’ most-asked questions and provide proven solutions.

In this session, Area Sales Manager Steve Kalafut will offer best practices for achieving reliable, high-performance motion control in hygienic food-processing systems exposed to frequent, high-pressure washdowns. He’ll answer your unique questions as well as address several frequently asked questions such as: 

  • What IP rating is really needed for food packaging applications?
  • What is the most common failure mode for motion control components in washdown areas, and how can you prevent it?
  • What are the cost benefits for various types of hygienic and washdown motors?

About the Presenter(s)

Steve Kalafut
Steve Kalafut

Steve is an Area Sales Manager at Kollmorgen with over 16 years of sales and engineering experience in the motion control industry. His expertise enables him to solve complex motion control problems and serve as an integral partner to OEMs and End-Users, across a wide range of industries including semiconductor, aerospace and defense, robotics, medical, and food processing. Beyond tackling intricate motion challenges, Steve takes pride in enhancing machine throughput, and bolstering machine reliability particularly in demanding operational environments. His extensive experience with food processing and packaging machines makes him a go-to resource for washdown and hygienic applications and support. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Purdue University.