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When a servo motor carries a vertical load, you have special challenges to solve. There is the added element of gravity to contend with, and most applications cannot tolerate a falling load. What happens if there is a fault? How do you manage timing with brake and relay delays? Are there special sizing considerations? How do you test and tune a vertical load?

Join us as Kollmorgen experts walk you through proven methods for managing these challenges and more in an exemplary vertical servo motor application. This session includes:

  • Understanding critical braking, timing and setup parameters for managing vertical loads
  • Determining how to employ a controlled stop in case of a fault
  • Sizing a vertical application
  • Managing risks by protecting yourself, the area and the mechanism from damage
  • Saving time and frustration using best practices for tuning a vertical load
The Gravity of the Situation: Vertical Load Handling for Automation, Kollmorgen

About the Presenter(s)

Brad Monday
Brad Monday

Brad Monday is a Senior Systems Application Engineer with 20 years of experience in electric motors and drives, including 15 years at Kollmorgen. With an extensive background in the design of motors, power electronics and controls, he now applies his knowledge to technical service and support. Brad enjoys helping any and all Kollmorgen customers solve their application challenges, including any performance needs they may have for motors, drives, communications and other motion subsystems. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech.