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Unexpected motion can ruin products and lead to dangerous situations. But what if you could remove unwanted motion while decreasing motor size and increasing performance? 

Impossible? Not when you understand the effects of inertia on system performance. Traditionally, inertia matching has relied on standardized rules. But modern inertia matching uses improved servo motors, performance tuning and high-resolution feedback to decreased motor size while improving control of machine movement. 

Join us for this educational session where we will demonstrate a system with unwanted motion and walk you through the modern inertia matching steps that can increase its performance. 

In this session you’ll learn: 

  • How to remove small movements that affect performance 
  • How to identify the unwanted movement through the scope tool and Bode plot imaging  
  • How to optimize system performance with the servo performance tuner 
Increasing Performance with Modern Inertia Matching

About the Presenter(s)

Ian Gibb
Ian Gibb

Ian is an applications manager supporting the Kollmorgen European team. With 35 years of experience serving industrial automation markets, he offers a strong support background and has also a commercial background as he helps solve motion problems with the goal of improving OEE, implementing modern IoT technology and enabling mass customization. He believes that by continuing to learn more every day, he can best help Kollmorgen’s customers differentiate their capabilities as they design and build next-generation machines. Ian studied masters modules in control engineering, plus electrical and electronic engineering in Sheffield and Newcastle, earning a Master’s Degree.