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With ​​rapid advancements in robotics technology, ​persistent ​labor shortages​​ and ​an​​​ aging population, the​re is a growing​ demand for humanoid​​ ​robots ​and exoskeletons ​that offer​​​ enhanced efficiency and performance​​. Humanoids and exoskeletons have large potential value in diverse applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction​​ and customer​-​​​service sectors. ​​​H​ighly efficient, precise​​ and powerful electric motors ​are needed ​to help replicate human-like movements accurately and enhance ​natural ​human ​capabilities​​

Prioritizing performance, robotics startups often defer cost and scalability considerations. ​Controlling​​​ the cost aspect of SWaP-C (​​​s​ize, ​​​w​eight, ​​​p​ower​​ and ​​​c​ost) poses ​several ​challenges. To meet evolving requirements​​ ​and ensure commercial viability, ​selecting the right mot​ion​​​ solution becomes crucial.

In th​is​​​ session, speakers address three critical questions to help engineers select the optimal motor design and size for their robots:

  1. What are the challenges associated with developing humanoids and exoskeletons for mobile applications?
  2. How does choosing the right motion solutions address these challenges, especially when scaling to commercial​ production​​​ while maintaining cost viability?
  3. How ​can you​​​ specify the proper permanent​-​​​magnet motor to improve efficiency and operating time?
Humanoid robot at work in a warehouse

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S Wood
Tom S. Wood

Tom S. Wood, a 35+ year veteran in high-performance motion, has integrated motion control solutions as a machine designer, manufacturer’s representative, High-Tech distributor, and as a Kollmorgen Motion Control Product Specialist. He has extensive experience designing next-generation motion systems for the aerospace and defense industry as well as for robotics applications that improve everything from workplace safety to patient mobility. Tom enjoys helping engineers understand how to enhance their projects through frameless technology that delivers high performance in a compact form.

Kyle Hanley
Kyle Hanley

Kyle Hanley is the West Coast area sales manager for Kollmorgen, specializing in the robotics, medical, and aerospace and defense industries. With a background in applications engineering, he helps customers select, integrate and optimize the right motion technologies to meet their exact requirements in applications ranging from surgical to agricultural robotics and from packaging machinery to defense systems. Kyle holds a degree in mechatronics engineering from California State University, Chico.