AKD2G Servo Drive

With even more safety features

The AKD2G servo drives are set to make their debut. The new range of product are planned to launch in 2018. It features new processors which increase the computational power available and therefore support faster control performance. From a safety perspective, AKD2G servo drives will offer important safety functions in the form of Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Brake Test (SBT), which offers an efficient and cost-effective way of making vertical axes safe without the need for protective fences.

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  • EtherCAT, FSoE
  • CANopen

Easy To Use: Graphical Display For Easy Setup, Visualization And Diagnostics

Parametrization via WorkBench™

Safety Inside

  • STO
  • SS1
  • FSoE - Safe Communication

Plug&Play Compatibility With All Kollmorgen Motors

Optimized For Single Cable SFD3 & Hiperface DSL

Optional Feedback Port for

  • EnDat 2.2
  • Biss
  • Resolver
  • Hiperface

Dual-Core ARM™A9, 800 MHz



AKD2G Servo Drive Brochure ENAKD2G Servo Drive Brochure EN1.8 MB1/5/2018Email
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