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AKD2G Servo Drive

Twice the Power Density!

AKD2G features include dual-axis, expandable I/O (without increasing the size), removable memory, dual-channel STO, and the first drive-resident, color graphic display in the industry. The AKD2G is optimized for single-connector AKM2G and AKM (with or without brake) reducing wiring with single hybrid cable technology. AKD2G also offers an option for secondary feedback to support legacy feedbacks.

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Industry 4.0 Ready


  • One and two axis variants available
  • Modular design allows the user to specify only the features needed
  • Plug&Play Compatibility With All Kollmorgen Motors
  • Optimized For Single Cable (SFD3 & HIPERFACE DSL)
  • Optional Feedback Port for
    • EnDAT 2.2
    • BiSS
    • Resolver
    • A-QUAD-B Encoder
    • Encoder emulation
    • Dual-loop
  • Multiple bus choices for system optimization, including EtherCAT®, and CANopen®
  • Over-voltage, current, and temperature detection provided for added dependability
  • Dual-channel STO for each axis
  • Industry-leading power density for greater flexibility in mounting
  • Fits into a 10” deep control panel
  • Removable Memory
  • I/O
    • Dual-Channel STO
    • 16 I/O included
    • Optional I/O expansion to 28 I/O

Easy to Use

  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Kollmorgen controls and motors
  • WorkBench GUI, acclaimed for customer experience and usability
  • Hybrid Motor-Power connector is optimized for single-cable motors:
  • No adaptors, no D-subs, no splitters
  • Cage-clamp spring terminal connectors on I/O allow for fast and easy installation
  • Optically-isolated I/O reduces noise, and eliminates need for additional hardware


  • Servo on a Chip™ includes Dual-Core ARM™A9, 800 MHz + 1.5M additional FPGA gates
  • Accommodates changing load conditions immediately:
    • Current loop: 1.28us, nearly 50x the speed of our nearest competitors
    • Velocity loop: 62.5us
    • Position loop: 250us
  • AI-based auto-tuning with a click of a button gets you started quickly
  • Wizard-based tuning uses advanced Bode Plot tool to help you efficiently manual-tune when desired
  • Fast data acquisition with TCP/IP Ethernet service channel
  • Parametrization via WorkBench™, acclaimed worldwide as easiest to use
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AKD2G Servo Drive Brochure English 18 Sep 2018 1.11 MB
AKD2G Servo Drive Brochure EMEA English 24 Sep 2018 2.25 MB
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Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 21.67 MB
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide (Interactive) English 15 Mar 2019
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pdfAKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen Communications Manual EN (REV BETA) English 21 Jan 2019 3.35 MB
pdfAKD2G Installation Manual with FS1 EN (REV A) English 10 Dec 2019 10.21 MB
pdfAKD2G Product Safety Guide EN DE FR IT PT ES RU ZH (REV B) Chinese, Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, Spanish 10 Dec 2019 8.81 MB
AKD2G WorkBench Online Help/User Guide (BETA) English 25 Oct 2019
pdfAKD2G, AKD and S700 Accessories Guide North America EN (REV J) English 10 Dec 2019 5.35 MB
pdfDigital Drive Systems Accessories Guide for AKD and AKD2G EN (REV 11-2019) English 10 Dec 2019 6.67 MB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
pdfEAC Certification for Drives English, Russian 06 Jun 2019 1.55 MB
pdfISO 9001:2015 Certificate English, German 07 Sep 2019 929.23 KB
pdfKollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity AKD2G English 11 Dec 2019 398.51 KB
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AKD2G Firmware Release Notes EN (REV English 05 Dec 2019
zipAKD2G Servo Drive Firmware (AKD2G-S-A-02-03-00-000)
English 10 Dec 2019 17.85 MB
English 10 Dec 2019 7.12 MB
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zipAKD Servo Drive WorkBench GUI Full Setup EN (REV
English 10 Dec 2019 209.46 MB
zipAKD Servo Drive WorkBench GUI Standard Setup EN (REV
English 09 Dec 2019 120.65 MB

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work