Bus Couplers and Specialty Modules

EtherCAT bus coupler medium

EtherCAT Bus Coupler

The EtherCAT® Bus Coupler connects the real-time Ethernet system with modular, extendable electronic terminal blocks. A complete unit consists of a bus coupler, a set of bus terminals and one end terminal.

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KAS Bus End Terminal Medium

Bus End Terminal

The Standard-Bus End Terminal is required to enable data exchange between the bus coupler and bus terminals.

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KAS Isolation-Separation Terminal Medium

Isolation-Separation Terminal

The Isolation/Separation Terminal interrupts the power contacts within a bus terminal block, enabling operation at different voltages on the separated sides of the power contacts.

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KAS Standard-Fused Medium

Standard Bus and Fused Power Feeds

These power feed terminals enable you to set up various potential groups with standard 24 VDC voltages.

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KAS Profibus Coupler medium

Profibus Coupler

This coupler connects the PROFIBUS system to the terminal blocks for up to 64 digital input/output terminals.

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