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AKD Profinet Fieldbus Support Landing Page | 07 Sep 2017 | |

AKD Profinet Fieldbus Support Landing Page

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Sample projects:

TIA Portal Project

AKD Profinet Sample Projects  This page includes a description of the Siemens S7 Profinet sample projects, the sample project files (TIA Archive files), and other related TIA project files. There is also a manual specifically for the sample project.

Automation of the AKD Drive with a Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLC and Profinet RT  is an article showing some description of the function blocks (previous versions), and explains some common programming solutions.

Old Sample Project for AKD Profinet drive with Siemens S7-300 series PLC and STEP 7 software  This is an older STEP 7 project for the S7-300 and AKD.  It is written in structured text.

Also related to projects for the Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 is a project using Modbus TCP to communicate with an AKD drive (Does NOT work with the Profinet drive, AKD-Pxxxyy-NxPN-0000).  The AKD Profinet drive does NOT support Modbus!  This is provided as an alternative communication protocol supported by Siemens PLC's.


Training Material:

AKD Profinet Training Rev. F  This Powerpoint presentation is for general training on the AKD Profinet fieldbus protocol.


Application notes and KDN Articles:

Profinet Fieldbus Overview  This article gives a description and background of the Profinet fieldbus.

AKD2G vs. AKD Profinet Comparison  This article provides a list of key differences between the AKD2G drive and the AKD drive related to Profinet.

AKD Profinet Telegram Quick Reference Guide.  This PDF documents contains some information about the Profinet protocol and some PLC setup instruction that is not in the AKD Profinet Manual.

Reading Profinet Data in Workbench  This article provides the AKD parameters that can read Profinet data in the Workbench Terminal screen.

AKD Profinet Parameter Access Byte Descriptions  This is a table listing the data bytes used for read/write access to PNU's and a description and typical values for each.  (Included in the training ppt.)

Mapping Telegram 400  This article explains the process of mapping the free-mappable Telegram 400.  This process is used in the sample project function block.  If other mappings are needed, the mapping process in the function block can be modified.

AKD Profinet PN.ACCSCALING Examples  This article provide some detail about PN.ACCSCALING and gives examples of resolution, range, and how it scales the accel/decel setpoints.

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