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Kollmorgen Support Network

What is a Subnet Mask? >

A subnet mask is a bit mask used to define a subnet of an Ethernet network.  It acts like a filter to only allow devices with certain IP addresses to communicate. Subnets are used to specify which devices can communicate with which other…

AKD2G Profinet Landing Page >

This application note demonstrates AKD2G parameter access from a S7-1500 PLC using the SinaPara function block for multi-parameter access and the SinaParaS for single parameter access.

KAS to receive data via TCP/IP connections >

This article provides a simple example of receiving data via TCP.  Import the attached program. Set EN_CONNECTION=true The KAS system now listens for TCP connections from a remote device. When the connection is established…

Connecting to the PDMM for the First Time (PDMM IP Address Settings) >

Connecting to the PDMM for the First Time (PDMM IP Address Settings)

AKD Profinet Fieldbus Support Landing Page >

This page provides links to Sample Projects, Training Materials, and Application Notes & Articles related to Profinet on AKD drives. 

Networks Supported by KAS, PCMMs, and PDMMs >

The following chart outlines the networks (field buses) supported by the PCMM and PDMM and the key  parameters of each.

Debugging Intermittent EtherCAT Communication Issues >

The following fault, error, and alarm are each indicative of possible cable or connection problems. F125 on the AKD, "Fieldbus Sync frames lost." E30 in KAS, "EtherCAT communication failure during operational mode." A38 in KAS, "EtherCAT missed…

Modbus TCP Overview as it relates to the AKD drive >

Modbus TCP is a communication protocol that is available on all models of the AKD drive ( except the AKD-P-NAPN or AKD-P-NBPN ( Profinet ).  The communication is supported on Ethernet physical hardware, the X11 Ethernet port on the top…

Communicating with the AKD over Telnet using HyperTerminal and PuTTY >

Normally, the Workbench software is used to connect to and configure the AKD drives.  However, there may be some instances where Workbench can't be used or where another communication method is preferred for troubleshooting purposes, etc. …
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