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AKD2G Profinet PNU Reads and Writes Application Note Revision A >

This application note demonstrates AKD2G parameter access from a S7-1500 PLC using the SinaPara function block for multi-parameter access and the SinaParaS for single parameter access. Please sign into your Siemens Support Portal to download these…

Getting Started with PxMM UDP Communications - using Packet Sender >

This application note uses the PC utility Packet Sender (download at to perform simple communications between a PxMM and a PC.  The program “udpProgram” in the project UDP test Send-Receive First Transmission…

KAS v3.07 is now available!! >

New Features Modular EtherCAT Topology AKT2G-BRC-000-000 - Brake chopper terminal Modify PLCopen axis user units from a program IDE Improvements For more details, please see the attached release note.

AKD2G Ethernet IP Command Type 0x08-Velocity Setpoint  >

This application note demonstrates the command type 0x08-Velocity Setpoint on the AKD2G Ethernet IP drive.

AKD2G EtherNet/IP Landing Page >

The AKD2G Ethernet/IP Landing Page provides supplementary application notes related to AKD2G Ethernet IP.

Coupler Sizing - AKT2G Remote IO >

The AKD-PDMM controller/drive, PCMM standalone controller, AKD, AKD2G, and S700 drives all contain hardware I/O that can be used in an application to interface to other control elements on the machine. Typically, to minimize overall system cost,…

KAS - Mapping Hardware I/O  >

The KAS IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has a straightforward way to connect I/O to variables in a kas project.  In a typical KAS system machine I/O can be connected to the PxMM controller via:

KAS to receive data via TCP/IP connections >

This article provides a simple example of receiving data via TCP.  Import the attached program. Set EN_CONNECTION=true The KAS system now listens for TCP connections from a remote device. When the connection is established…

Modbus TCP to AKD BASIC program variables Quick Start Part 2:Kollmorgen Visualization Builder >

This is part 2 of a two part series. This application note will demonstrate establishing Modbus TCP communications between a Kollmorgen Visualization Builder ( AKI ) project and the variables in a running program in the AKD BASIC drive. Reading and…
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