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Accelerate Your AGV Expertise with Kollmorgen's Comprehensive Training Program

In today's rapidly evolving world of automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous learning and skill development. Kollmorgen, a leading provider of AGV solutions, offers a comprehensive training program that equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver high-quality AGV systems in a cost-effective manner. Whether you're an application engineer, commissioning technician, sales engineer, or project manager, Kollmorgen's training service caters to various roles, ensuring that each professional is empowered to excel in their responsibilities.

Basic Training: Building a Strong Foundation

Kollmorgen's training program starts with the "Basic Training" course, an introductory program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Kollmorgen's AGV system. This course combines self-paced training modules with live training sessions, which can be attended either onsite at one of our training centers or remotely. By completing the Basic Training course, participants will gain an overall understanding of Kollmorgen's AGV system and acquire the skills necessary to design a simple demo system.

Technician Certification: Unlocking Advanced Skills

Once the Basic Training is completed, participants can pursue the Technician Certification. This advanced program prepares individuals to confidently participate in real AGV system installations. By becoming a certified NDC Academy Technician, participants will possess the necessary expertise to support senior engineers during the preparation, installation, commissioning, and testing phases of a Kollmorgen-based AGV system.

Key Course Components

The Technician Certification covers several essential areas to ensure participants develop a comprehensive skill set. These certification components include:

  • AGV System Functionalities: Gain a deep understanding of the key features and capabilities of Kollmorgen's AGV systems, enabling you to leverage their full potential in practical applications.
  • Debugging: Learn effective troubleshooting techniques for AGV hardware, AGV programming, layout, AGV system, and communication. Acquire the skills needed to identify and resolve common issues that may arise during system operation.
  • Basic Updates: Familiarize yourself with the process of making basic updates to AGV programming, layout, AGV system, and communication. Stay up to date with the latest advancements and optimize the performance of AGV systems.
  • AGV Component Replacement: Master the skills required to replace AGV components, ensuring seamless functionality and minimizing system downtime.
  • AGV Tuning: Learn the art of fine-tuning AGV systems to enhance their performance, efficiency, and safety. Acquire the expertise needed to optimize system parameters for various operational scenarios.

Global Training Network

Kollmorgen's commitment to empowering professionals spans across multiple locations worldwide. With training centers in Sweden, China, the USA, and Italy, individuals can conveniently access the training services close to their region. In addition to physical training centers, Kollmorgen also organizes live webinars to introduce new functions in their AGV system. Participants can also access training materials on the web training page to further enhance their AGV skills.


Kollmorgen's training program offers a comprehensive pathway for professionals in the AGV industry to enhance their skills and deliver high-quality AGV systems. By completing the Basic Training and Technician Certification, individuals can gain in-depth knowledge of Kollmorgen's AGV system functionalities, master debugging techniques, stay updated with system updates, efficiently replace components, and fine-tune AGV systems. With training centers located worldwide and supplementary webinars and training materials available, Kollmorgen ensures that professionals can access the training they need to excel in their roles. Embrace the opportunity to become a certified NDC Academy Technician and accelerate your AGV expertise with Kollmorgen's comprehensive training program, empowering you to stay at the forefront of the industry and drive the success of AGV system implementations.

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