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Servo Motor

Trade Compliance >

Kollmorgen is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility. Kollmorgen is also committed to complying with Section 1502, in…

VLM Motor Selection Guide >

Selection guide for the discontinued VLM servo motors

Ingress Protection of Servo Motors >

Sealing is an important design tool used to prolong the life of motors against harsh environments containing dust or liquid contaminants. There are arguably an unlimited number of applications for servo motors and each comes with its own…

AC Servo Motor System: The Difference Between Continuous Ratings and Holding Continuous Loads >

This article explores additional servo motor sizing considerations and the often-resulting communication issues that may arise for an application requiring a dominantly maintained load with little movement through an in-depth explanation of the term:…

Kollmorgen Optimized Solutions and Special Duty Motors >

Custom-designed motion control, drive, and special duty motor systems to meet the most extreme performance, environmental, and application changes.

Kollmorgen VLM Brushless Motor Selection Guide >

Catalog for the Kollmorgen VLM brushless motor series

VLM Certification >

  Safety CCC CE UL UR cUL cUR EAC RoHS VLM   not required EN / DE   E136406   E136406 certificate EN & DE


Technical & support information for the discontinued Kollmorgen VLM servo motor
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