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Retrofit KAS EtherCAT Backups with AKD2G Firmware >

The AKD2G drives with firmware versions 02-12-00-001 (and later) do not support downgrading the firmware to the versions 02-12-00-000 (or earlier). The KAS EtherCAT backups created using AKD2G firmware 02-12-00-000 (or earlier) are not capable of…

AKD2G EtherCAT W7011 Warning and F7011 Fault Synchronization Error Support >

This article provides details related to cause and remedy of the W7011 warning and F7011 Fault in the AKD2G EtherCAT drive.

SDF vs SDF Gen 3 ISSUE -----URGENT---- >

A customer has a break down machine situation, reference plasma cutting machine on the axis that controls the elevation of the optical lens, the problem is servomotor is damage,  the original part number is  AKM11B-AN92CA00,  as…

AKD2G - Sending Secondary Feedback through EtherCAT >

The AKD2G's various feedback options allow for incorporating up to 5 feedback devices into the drive. Occasionally the feedback is not used for servo AXIS control (a position used as a direct command or feedback to a servo axis) but used as an…

S300 and CSV mode >

Hello gentelmans, Is it possible to run S300 (hw. rev. 04.10 + 5.99 firmware) in CSV mode over free mapped PDOs as are 0x1600 + 0x0A00 over ETHERCAT please? thanks  Regards Slav

AKD EtherCAT Scaling for Velocity, Acceleration, and Deceleration >

This article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration commands and actual velocity.  For the position modes, FBUS.PARAM05 applies to position scaling and the scaling for velocity, acceleration, and…

AKD EtherCAT Flexible PDO Mapping Size Limitations and Padding >

The AKD drive supports flexible EtherCAT PDO mapping.  The 4 available flexible RxPDO’s (PDO data for receive direction, commands from master to drive) are mapped using objects 1600h, 1601h, 1602h, and 1603h.  Each one of these RxPDOs is…

AKD2G Touchprobes Application Note >

The following application note demonstrates several examples of using the Touchprobes feature over EtherCAT.

AKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen Landing Page >

Landing Page for AKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen supplementary application notes and other support documents and files.
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