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Password Protection | 04 Dec 2008 | |

Password Protection

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Three ASCII commands serve for the password protection. These parameters can be set in the terminal screen of the setup software.

PASSCNFG sets the type of password protection
PASSCNFG = 0 : with activated protection all write accesses to parameter are locked
PASSCNFG = 1 : with activated protection the command SAVE is locked only
PASSX sets the password
  PASSX = 0 : no password protection
PASSX = y : sets password. Only numbers are allowed for password "Y"
PASS activates or deactivates the password protection
PASS y : deactivates the password protection (y means the password) 

PASS 0 : activates the password protection


PASSX 815    // amplifier write protected, password = 815
PASS 815     // write protection disabled
PASS 0       // write protection enable

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