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LED Display Codes for S700, S300, S600, S400 >

A 3 digit, 7 segment LED display is mounted in the front of the servo amplifiers. Operating status, Warnings and Fault Messages are displayed there.

Operating Induction Machines with S400-S600 >

Valid for S400, S600 with FW 582...5.99, 7.xx

Firmware History S400 - S600 >

History closed on September 2007

S400 Hardware Revision Number >

Hardware Revision Firmware Version Date Remarks Export Classification 02.03   >= 5.76 2006-04 Starting version AL-3A225 >= 6.68   with BiSS…

Home and Latch conflict >

Valid for S400, S600 Problem On a machine the homing procedure NREF 5 (move to the next zero-mark of the feedback unit) is started cyclic. 

S700, S300, S600, and S400 F24 Fault Code >

The F24 fault is created by the WMASK feature which allows a defined Warning (nX warning) to generate a fault message (defined by WMASK)

400 series (master/slave configuration)  >

Does Kollmorgen have anything more like the 400 series (master/slave configuration) than the AKD? We have a customer that wants to replace the S400 sereis but they have space issue with the AKD drives.

Export Classification >

Applicable for ServoStar drives S300, S400, S600, S700

HWR Number S400 >

Valid for S400
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