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Make smoother cuts at higher speeds in a more efficient, lower-maintenance machine. Reduce production time, scrap and cost-per-part with precise motion control to match the precision of your cutting technology. With global experience in cutting applications, plus local co-engineering services to achieve a perfect fit with your machine specifications, Kollmorgen is the ideal partner to help you optimize the design and performance of your specialized material forming equipment.

Motion Matters for Reliable Quality in Cutting Applications

Whether using water, plasma, laser or another cutting technology, the precision and accuracy of your motion control ultimately determines the quality of the cut in automated cutting processes.

In laser cutting, the focused beam strikes the workpiece until it heats to the point of melting or vaporizing. The appropriate dwell time can vary depending on many factors, and the cutting process can only begin once the laser beam has completely penetrated the workpiece. The laser or the workpiece must then be moved at a precise speed and contour. Depending on the complexity of the cut, this can require coordination along several axes of motion.

Collaborative Solutions for Cutting-Edge Motion Control

We regard each motion challenge as a unique opportunity to optimize your material forming process, whether your goal is to deliver smoother edges, a tighter cutting radius or higher overall productivity. With our vast selection of standard product configurations – and our unmatched ability to co-engineer modifications to meet your exact requirements – we are your collaborative partner for solving the toughest motion engineering problems.

Local Solutions, Global Manufacturing and Distribution

We’re at your side when you need us during engineering design. We’re around the world when you need us to supply motion products for your production machines throughout their lifecycle. With decades of co-engineering expertise in material forming processes and a commitment to global distribution, service and support, Kollmorgen gives machine designers and builders the confidence to deliver unprecedented cutting system possibilities.

KBM Series Frameless

The KBM™ series offers high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your machine design.

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Cartridge DDR®

Our exclusive Cartridge DDR® servomotors combine the performance advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor. The advanced electromagnetic design provides up to 50 percent more torque density than comparably sized conventional servo motors.

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We designed our next-generation AKD® Series with the versatility, communications, power and bandwidth you need to build higher throughput, greater precision and more capable features into your machine—and to bring it to market faster.

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AKD-N Decentralized Servo Drive

The decentralized servo drives AKD-N help to get the cabinets smaller and open the way to a smarter machine automation with 80% less cabeling. Typical applications for the AKD-N are packaging machines and production machines in food and beverage industry.

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