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You approach every mission with 100% commitment to success. It takes perfect motion in the missile seeker head, fin actuation and wing deployment systems to ensure precise targeting. It also takes a motion partner that can work with you to co-engineer the ideal solution for your application and supply it reliably—from prototype thorough validation, from deployment through the entire program lifecycle—anywhere in the world that military security matters.

We are that partner, delivering with the 100% commitment you demand. When you need to design and produce better munitions guidance systems, engineer the exceptional with Kollmorgen.

More Ambitious Motion Design

With more than 100 years of motion leadership, including more than 70 years designing, manufacturing and delivering motion products for aerospace and defense applications, Kollmorgen ensures superior motion performance for mission-critical applications.

Our motors provide maximum torque density and power-to-weight ratio in designs that are unsurpassed for compact size and light weight. And as a result of our continuous advancement in material science and motor design, Kollmorgen motion systems are proven battleworthy under the most extreme conditions of speed, temperature, shock, vibration and altitude.

More Capable Missile Engineering

We offer an unmatched selection of standard and easily modifiable designs, with the co-engineering expertise to help you achieve the ideal actuation concept and motor fit for your application. Our modular approach enables us to modify motors as needed and ramp up to large-scale production quickly and cost-effectively, keeping your program on time and on budget.

Our senior engineers have decades of tried and true experience—including a deep understanding of how defense programs work, gained through a long history and wide range of projects. Whether you need our expertise and capabilities for integrated motion assemblies, or you need a partner to supply the optimum motors for your own actuator designs, Kollmorgen’s capabilities are equal to your toughest assignment.

More Confident Program Delivery

With Kollmorgen on your side, you have a powerful set of self-guided design tools. You have direct access to motion experts who collaborate with you to improve the performance, quality, manufacturability and cost of your application based on our 100+ years of motion experience. You have local design support and a global manufacturing and supply footprint. And you have confidence in a partner with demonstrated success in sustaining supply and managing costs across decades of aerospace and defense program deployments.

Missile Applications

Surface-to-Air Missiles

Kollmorgen supplies motors for controlling seeker heads and fin actuators in surface-to-air missiles, including those designed for rapid, short-range maneuverability in defense against supersonic antiship missiles.

Air-to-Air Missiles

A variety of air-to-air missile programs rely on Kollmorgen motion products, including radar-homing missiles that provide beyond-visual-range strike capability for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.


Shipborne Missiles

Vertical launching systems rely on Kollmorgen motion to provide rapid-fire launch capabilities for a wide range of shipborne standard, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine missiles.


Kollmorgen motion is used for control of seeker heads and missile launcher platforms for small and light infrared-homing surface-to-air missiles designed to defend against antiship missiles, among other interceptor programs.

Top Products for Missiles and Munitions

TBM Series Medium Image

TBM Series Frameless >

Our TBM series provides direct drive frameless motors designed to be directly embedded in the mechanical structure of your systems, minimizing weight, size and inertia without sacrificing performance.

KBM Series Frameless

KBM Series Frameless >

The KBM series offers high performance, long life, simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your mechanical design. A huge selection of standard motors and cost-effective modifications ensure a perfect fit.

RBE Series Frameless >

The frameless configuration of these relatively high-torque, low-speed, pancake-style motors eliminates shaft, bearings, endbells and couplings for reduced volume, weight and complexity when integrated directly with the load.

DC Torque Motors

DC Torque Motors >

Direct drive brush DC torque motors are ideal for minimizing size, weight, power and response time while maximizing rate and position accuracies. They provide a servo actuator that can be attached directly to the driven load.

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