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Exchanging Data Between PCMM/PDMM | 17 Nov 2017 | |

Exchanging Data Between PCMM/PDMM

Many applications require a number of axis so high that it's not possible to use one PCMM only.

In order to get over this limitation it's possible to use more controllers with the benefits of exchanging data between them.

There are three chances available:

  1. EthernetIP with one PCMM as adapter and others as scanners;
  2. Profinet IO with one PCMM as controller and others as devices;
  3. UDP with one PCMM as server and others as client.

The choice depends on the requested performance.

The following image shows the exchanging time performance of the three above solutions:


Additionally with the 1.2GHz controller performances could be higher.

See the attached examples


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