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Error Message F29 | 15 May 2009 | |

Error Message F29

Valid for S300, S600, S700

Display Meaning Possible cause Measure
F29  Expansion card, general Software Enable set without Hardware Enable Set Hardware Enable first
Software Enable set with mains voltage switched off Switch on mains voltage first
Expansion card is not supported by firmware (e.g. with customer specific firmware).

Upgrade firmware

Fieldbus synchronisation via expansion card not successful

Check performance of fieldbus master

EtherCAT CLRFAULT although error requires a COLDSTART.
This is interpreted as error only, if SERCSET bit 0x00080000 = 1.

Enter COLDSTART in the terminal screen

Invalid mapping code acquired

Select valid mapping number

Mapping length faulty

Check mapping length

SYNQNET Set points although warning n14 - Wake&Shake is active

Apply set point after W&S procedure has ended

Phase start Time Out (Phase 3 to 4)

Check network structure

„Upcount Lifetime counter“ expired  
Peercop Timeout expired  
SERCOS broken fiber cable

Replace fiber optic cable

MST error

Check SERCOS Master

unsupported interrupt

Check programming

internal SERCOS error (unknown ASIC Version)

Check hardware

invalid SERCOS mode  

Extended error message S300 / S700
a second error message with a small "i" (ERRCODE2) is displayed in the display, which has the following meaning ( ERRCODE = 0 --> sorry, we have no additional Information ) :

i 29 The plugged in option card does not match with the software version of the drive.
i 30 A software enable command coming from the option-card failed since the hardware enable signal is missing or the DC bus voltage is too low.
i 31 The hardware enable signal has been removed while the option-card was in operation and has enabled the drive.
Hardware enable signal is lost or the bus voltage is too low.
i 32 Either the drive was not able to get synchronized with the cyclic command values from the fieldbus during the phase run-up procedure or the synchronization was getting lost while the option card was in operational mode.
i 33 The option-card requested a CLRFAULT (clear faults) command during a pending fault. This CLRFAULT command command would lead to a software reset of the drive. This monitoring needs to be activated via the command SERCSET and is only available for specific option-cards.
i 34 The EtherCAT master requested a state transition from the Operational state to another state although
the drive has been enabled (software enable = true).
The drive has lost the synchronization with the EtherCAT cyclic command values if this fault comes along with a F28 fault.
i 35 The mapping number of the command-value mapping, which has been previously transmitted to the drive via SDO, is unknown.
i 36 The mapping number of the actual-value mapping, which has been previously transmitted to the drive via SDO, is unknown.
i 37 The length of the command-value mapping in bytes assumed by the EtherCAT master does not match with the length of the mapping assumed by the drive.
i 38 The length of the actual-value mapping in bytes assumed by the EtherCAT master does not match with the length of the mapping assumed by the drive.
i 39 The option card indicates a card error or network fault. This status message is only indicated by specific option-cards.
i 40 The SynqNet master has selected an invalid resolution of the velocity scaling/unit via direct commands.
i 41 The mode of operation selected by the Sercos master does not match the mode of operation in the drive OPMODE..
i 42 The Sercos interrupt function detected a broken network cable.
i 43 The drive has detected several consecutive missing MTS (master synchronization telegrams).
i 44 The drive has detected an unknown/invalid Sercos interrupt type.
i 45 The drive identified a Sercos ASIC with an unknown/invalid version number.
i 46 The drive has identified an error condition in the object IDN14.
i 47 The FireWire option card has not updated the watchdog counter value.
i 48 The Modbus+ card has stopped generating interrupt signals
i 49 The EtherNet card has stopped its SDO Transfer.

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