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S300 & S700 Errors and Warnings >

This content is extracted from the DriveGUI documentation. 

PxMM Fault Handling For The AKD2G Drive >

Sample KAS Fault Handling code and project has been created for KAS applications that utilize the AKD2G drive. Differences in parameter names and functionality between the AKD and AKD2G led to the new code being created. The following shows parts of…

IDC B8961/B8962 Commutation Sensor Fault >

The 0x0688 or 0x0288 or 0x0289 fault is displayed on the keypad as an Undefined Fault. This fault code will be at the bottom of the keypad display. When connected to the ServoTuner software, these come up as Commutation Sensor Fault errors. This…

KAS Standard SFC Template - State Machine  >

Introduction Taking a look at PLC projects, we see that every machine deals with the same functionalities. Generally, machines powered by servo drives, need to follow a sequence of steps during its development:                 I. Start a Network…

Initialize EtherCAT Communication and Motion Engine >

KAS UDFB's for EtherCAT and motion engine initialization

Clearing an AKD-C Power Supply Fault from a PxMM Application Program >

Method 1: Add CPS.Control Object 3000 to the PDO mappings Example: Then map the Object to a Dictionary variable in the project. Example below shows mapping  CPS.Controls to a PLC variable named CPSControl

AKD F465 Excessive Shock Detected By Feedback Device ( Hiperface DSL ) >

From Workbench Help We've only seen this in one instance so far but here are more details on what we know about this fault.

WorkBench Logging >

Debugging interaction problem between WorkBench and drives may be facilitated by using the built-in logging mechanism. Where are the application and the log files in your system: The easiest way to access the application or the log files is to open…

LED Display Codes for S700, S300, S600, S400 >

A 3 digit, 7 segment LED display is mounted in the front of the servo amplifiers. Operating status, Warnings and Fault Messages are displayed there.
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