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AC Synchronous Servo Motors – AKM2G Series

With continuous torque increases of up to 30% versus traditional servos, AKM2G’s high-torque density and design flexibility are the winning formula for OEMs and Machine Builders to expand machine performance and differentiate in the marketplace.

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The latest generation of synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen feature design sizes with performance levels between 0,3 and 10 kW. With continuous torque increases of up to 30% versus traditional servos, Machine builders and OEMs can substantially increase machine throughput and proficiency without increasing the mounting size of the motor. AKM2G is also designed to support a wider array of standard options including: feedback, brake, thermal sensor and seal options. In addition, Kollmorgen Co-Engineering provides an optimum path to addressing non-standard and user-specific designs without sacrificing lead time or scalability.


  • Thanks to newly designed Electromagnetics - AKM2G can provides up to 30% higher continuous torque compared to competitive motors of equivalent size.
    • Higher torque in the similar package size increases machine performance (i.e. greater throughput, reduce payload)
  • AKM2G’s wide range of sizes provide ability to optimize for either length or flange square, depending on which dimension is most critical.
    • This optimization can lead to smaller footprint machine or space saving for other machine elements.


  • Standard winding choices for 120VAC to 480 VAC operation with various speed/torque performance curves
  • Several Feedback options to match application requirements and drive selection
    • Kollmorgen SFD3
    • Hiperface DSL
    • ENDAT 2.2
    • Resolver
    • Customer-specified feedback devices available through Co-Engineering.
  • Connector Options (as appropriate for feedback type and motor size)
    • SpeedTec * (standard for single or dual cable designs)
    • Y-Tec (dual connector with single insertion at motor for size 2 motors)
  • System Cable Options for use with Kollmorgen AKD Servo Drives and the forthcoming AKD2G Servo Drives
    • Single Cable SFD3/Hiperface DSL/ENDAT 2.2
    • Two-Cable Variant For Resolver including ytec connector motors
  • Standard IP65 rating, optional ratings available
  • International Standard Mount with choice of smooth shaft or closed keyway
    • Others future availability/by request
  • 24VDC Mechanical Holding Brake Option 
  • Thermal Sensor Options for maximum motor protection and servo drive compatibility
  • Low Friction Shaft Seal Options for both wet and dry running applications 

* SpeedTec is a trademark of TE Connectivity LTD

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pdfAKM2G Installation Manual EN DE IT ES FR RU (REV C) English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish 06 May 2019 7.88 MB
pdfAKM2G Performance Curves English 27 Jun 2019 8.45 MB
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Kollmorgen AKM2G Servo Motor Brochure English 28 Nov 2017 7.9 MB
Kollmorgen AKM2G Servo Motor Brochure EMEA English 15 Jun 2018 2.42 MB
Kollmorgen AKM2G Servomotor Broschüre German 15 May 2018 2.41 MB
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AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide English 08 Jul 2019 15.45 MB
AKM2G Servo Motor Selection Guide (Interactive) English 06 Aug 2018
AKM2G Servo Motor Selection Guide Rev C English 30 Mar 2019 9.06 MB
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 21.67 MB
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide (Interactive) English 15 Mar 2019
AKM2G伺服电机选型手册 Chinese, Simplified 25 Apr 2019 8.05 MB

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work

Welcome to the new Kollmorgen interactive 3D Modeling site. To access our 3D models, start by selecting the frame size. Then configure your model by selecting stack length, mounting style, feedback device, connectors, brake, and sealing options. Click on the generate preview button and your model will appear. Move to the CAD Download tab to access your model in a wide variety of CAD software types and versions. You can even download a quick pdf of the model you selected for quick reference.

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Performance Curve Generator
Performance Curve Generator

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