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Speedtec Cable Notice (O-Ring) | 29 Mar 2021 | |

Speedtec Cable Notice (O-Ring)

AKM motors that have Speedtec ready connectors when paired with a 2G cable, which have Speedtec connectors, must have the motor O-ring removed for the two to pair completely.  The motor O-ring will cause interference with the Speedtec locking mechanism on the cable connector.  Once the O-ring has been removed from the AKM the 2G cable will fully connect with the AKM motor connector.

The IP rating of the system will not impacted by the removal of the O-ring.  The O-ring on the AKM motor was to assist with locking a full threaded cable connector as seen in our 1G cables (CF, CP, CCJ & Value line), and is not necessary for the Speedtec style connector.

The AKM motors affected by this are any AKM frame size with a B, C, D, G, or 9 connector option.  The sample below shows how to identify the connector option in the AKM part number.

AKM62P – ANCNR – 00

The 2G cables impacted by this are all power, hybrid and feedback cables that start with H2, H6, P1, P2, P5, P6, F1, F5, excluding washdown models.  Please see a sample part number below.

F5 – 10 – FB2 – C2 – 00 – XXX00