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Speedtec Cable Notice (O-Ring) >

Remove AKM motor connector O-ring for use with Speedtec cable connectors.

Kollmorgen DDL Cabling and Bend Radius >

The DDL catalog shows a dynamic bend radius of 15X the cable diameter for the MxC, TxC, HxC cables.  The static bend radius for these cables would be 10X the cable diameter.  It is important note as stated in the DDL catalog, the cables exiting the…

VLM series cables >

Does Kollmorgen supply 9m high flex shielded cables with 15 pin D-sub connectors for the VLM series? It looks like the only options are 1 or 3m cables with flying leads or terminated at a connector.  What is the most logical way to have a 9m…

AKM and Radiation >

We have a customer that will be using AKM's to position an armament for X-Ray inspection. Without too many details on what frequency spectrum and intensity, what kind of precautions can we take to maximize the life of the AKM and cabling? From…

Shielded Cables Tame Servo System EMI >

Table of Contents Types of EMI Capacitive Coupling Inductive Coupling Direct Coupling Radiated Coupling

Understanding the Differences Among Cables in Motion Control >

The attached article describes the differences among cables in motion control. Specifically high flex and continuous flex cables, termination and certification and markings. For full read see: Understanding the Differences Among Cables in Motion…

What is the IP Rating of AKM/AKD Performance Line Cables? >

What is the IP Rating of AKM/AKD Performance Line Cables? And does Kollmorgen have any documentation to support? Thanks, Josh

Low Temperature Rating for CF and CP Kollmorgen Cables (for AKD) >

The low temperature rating, for static (non-flexing) cable applications, is -25 degrees C.  Research was conducted specifically on cables CF-RA2574N-xx and CP-507CCAN-xx.

Feedback Cables >

Table of Contents General Part Number Scheme Configured Feedback Cables Technical Data for Kollmorgen Feedback Cables
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