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Profinet Real-Time Jog in AKD vs. AKD2G | 22 Sep 2021 | |

Profinet Real-Time Jog in AKD vs. AKD2G

The Real-Time Jog feature in Profinet allows the PLC to change the jog speed, acceleration, deceleration, and direction on the fly (while the jog motion is active).

The following telegram data is used for the Real-Time Jog:

  • Acceleration: MDI_ACC
  • Deceleration: MDI_DEC

These are available in the following telegrams:

  • For AKD: Telegram 9, 352, 353, and 400
  • For AKD2G: Telegram 9 and 0

The behavior of the Real-Time Jog is different in the AKD and AKD2G drives.

AKD Behavior

STW1 bit 12 enables the Real-Time Jog feature, like an option, but does not start motion.  Bits 8 or 9 are used to start motion.  If bit 12 is ON, then it does a Real-Time Jog using the MDI settings.  If bit 12 is OFF when bits 8 or 9 are set, then it does a regular jog (Jog 1 for bit 8 and Jog 2 for bit 9) using the Service Motion speed parameters (SM.V1 and SM.V2).

AKD2G Behavior

STW1 bit 12 starts motion, doing a Real-Time Jog move, using the MDI settings.

Jog 1 (bit 8) uses AXIS#.PROFIENT.JOG1V.  Turning on bit 8 starts the Jog 1 move.

Jog 2 (bit 9) uses AXIS#.PROFIENT.JOG2V.  Turning on bit 9 starts the Jog 2 move.

If any of the three jog moves are active (moving) and a different jog move is started (with bits 8, 9 , or 12), the current jog move will be terminated (stop motion) and the newly executed jog move will start.

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