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KAS Stepper Control with AKT2G slices | 12 Jul 2021 | |

KAS Stepper Control with AKT2G slices

AKT2G-SM-L50-000 and AKT2G-SM-L15-000 EtherCAT stepper drives allow you to control Stepper motors up to 5 Amp (6.5 with fan cartridge AKT2G-AC-FAN-001) with a PDMM or PCMM controller. The same function blocks used with servo motors are used in the KAS IDE development software, making it seamless to switch an axis from a servo to a stepper drive. Both slices have optional encoder inputs. Stepper motors are run open loop regardless, but can verify position commanded with an encoder. Also, each slice also includes two digital inputs that can be mapped to any PLC variable or used as a limit switch for the steper slice.

The video embedded below shows how these stepper slices can be configured automatically when using standard Kollmorgen stepper motors, or manually when using a custom or 3rd party motor. Also, demonstrates how the same function blocks are used with Servo or Stepper drives, so they can be used with any of our built in template programs.

Detailed specifications can be found in the KAS Online help at and

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