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Expansion card IO-14-08

Usable with S300, S600, S700


The -I/O-14/08- provides you with 14 additional digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. The functions of the inputs and outputs are adjustable with the setup software.
The I/Os are used to initiate the motion tasks that are stored in the servo amplifier and to evaluate signals from the integrated position control in the higher-level control system.
The functions of the inputs and signal outputs correspond to the functions that can be assigned to the digital I/Os on connector X3. All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated from the servo amplifier by optocouplers.

The command OPTION delivers a code for the built-in expansion card.

Expansion card

Front cover


Two LEDs are mounted next to the terminals on the expansion card. The green LED signals that the 24V auxiliary supply is available for the expansion card. The red LED signals faults in the outputs from the expansion card (overload of switching components, short-circuit).

Technical data

Control inputs 24V / 7mA , PLC-compatible, IEC 61131
Signal output 24V / max. 500mA , PLC-compatible, IEC 61131
Supply inputs, to IEC 61131 24V (18 ... 36V) / 100mA plus total current of the outputs (depends on the input wiring of the controls). The 24V DC voltage must be supplied by an electrically isolated power supply (e.g. with isolating transformer).
Fusing (external) 4 AT 
Connectors Mini Combicon, 12 pin, coded on PIN1 and 12
Cables Data – up to 50m long : 22 x 0.5 mm², unshielded, Supply – 2 x 1mm², check voltage drop
Waiting time between 2 motion tasks depends on the response time of the control system
Addressing time (minimum) 4ms 
Starting delay (maximum) 2ms 
Response time of digital outputs max. 10ms 

Connector assignments 

The functions are adjustable with the setup software. In the table below the default values are described. 

Connector X11A

Pin  Dir  Default function  Description 
In  A0  Motion block number, LSB 
In  A1  Motion block number, 21 
In  A2  Motion block number, 22 
In  A3  Motion block number, 23 
In  A4  Motion block number, 24 
In  A5  Motion block number, 25 
In  A6  Motion block number, 26 
In  A7  Motion block number, MSB 
In  Reference  Polls the home switch. If a digital input on the base unit is used as a home input, then the input on the expansion card will not be evaluated. 
10  In  F_error_clear  Clears the warning of a following error (n03) or the response monitoring (n04) 
11  In  Start_MT_Next  The following task, that is defined in the motion task by “Start with I/O" is started. The target position of the present motion task must be reached before the following task can be started. The next motion block can also be started by an appropriately configured digital input on the base unit. 
12  In  Start_Jog v= x  Starts the "Jog Mode" with a defined speed. “x" is the speed saved in the servo amplifier for the function "Jog Mode". A rising edge starts the motion, a falling edge cancels the motion. 

Connector X11B

Pin  Dir  Default function  Description 
In  MT_Restart  Continues the motion task that was previously interrupted. 
In  Start_MT I/O  Starts the motion task that is addressed by A0 - A7 (connector X11A/1...8). If no motion task is addressed, a reference run is started.
Out  InPos  When the target position for a motion task has been reached (the InPosition window), this is signaled by the output of a HIGH signal. A cable break will not be detected. 
Out  Next-InPos  The start of each motion task in an automatically executed sequence of motion tasks is signaled by an inversion of the output signal. The output produces a LOW signal at the start of the first motion task of the sequence. The form of the message can be varied by using ASCII commands. 
PosReg 0  Can only be adjusted by ASCII commands/setup software. 
Out  F_error  A LOW signal indicates that the position has gone outside the acceptable following error window. 
Out  PosReg1  default: SW limit 1, indicated by a HIGH signal 
Out  PosReg2  default: SW limit 2, indicated by a HIGH signal 
Out  PosReg3  Can only be adjusted by ASCII commands/setup software. 
Out  PosReg4  Can only be adjusted by ASCII commands/setup software. 
10  Out  PosReg5  Can only be adjusted by ASCII commands/setup software. 
11  24V DC  Supply voltage for output signals. 
12  I/O-GND  Digital GND for the control system. 


Data sheets for the expansion card can be found via File Selector, set document type filter to "Add On Document".