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Image resolution depends on the ability to take a high number of thin slices with minimal unwanted motion, either of the machine or the patient. More slices per rotation also enables complete capture of the region of interest faster, with less risk of patient movement that could require a retake and expose the patient to an excess radiation dose.

We can help you produce and deliver medical imaging systems to meet these goals with superior speed, precision and quality. And we can provide the advanced motors, drives and technical support you need to succeed, anywhere in the world. Engineer the exceptional with Kollmorgen

More Ambitious Design for Precise Imaging

Advances in medical imaging systems enable capture of 640 or more slices, requiring precise control and positioning of both the imager gantry and patient table at high speeds.

Kollmorgen’s advanced direct drive technology is optimized for these high speeds, with no transmission complexity, compliance or backlash. And our industry-leading servo loops and unique software filters enable the most precise acceleration and positioning, with virtually no overshoot or settling time.

So your machine can capture more slices, faster, at the highest image resolution and quality.

More Capable Medical Imaging Solutions

Kollmorgen offers the industry’s widest range of standard and easily modified products, designed for direct integration with the leading drives and control systems. We offer servo motors with the power, torque and speed to move massive CT gantries. And we deliver innovations such as single-cable designs and optimally matched drive-motor combinations to simplify the design and build of your diagnostic imaging machines.

We also provide the motion expertise you need to achieve the ideal fit and performance for your application. Our senior engineers have decades of experience helping diagnostic imaging companies drive continuous advances in medical imaging capabilities. Whether you need expertise for designing a new medical imaging system or a motion upgrade for existing systems, Kollmorgen delivers innovation.

Design for Better Experience

Motion for Every Modality

Co-Engineer Superior Medical Motion in 5 Simple Steps

Support for Confident Delivery, Anywhere

With our global footprint, regional regulatory expertise, local application support, sustainable supply chain and proven healthcare heritage, you can count on Kollmorgen performance everywhere you market your medical imaging system. We deliver consistent quality, reliable supply and expert support every time, anywhere, for the lifetime of your project.

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Top Products for Medical Imaging Systems

AKM2G Servo Motor >

AKM2G represents the latest evolution of the industry-leading AKM motor family. With significant torque increases in the same motor size OEMs can achieve substantial performance improvement without changing the motor mounting or using more machine space.

AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G Servo Drive >

Born from a rich AKD heritage, AKD2G is the latest servo drive technology adding:

  • Dual-axis technology for additional space savings
  • Built-in functional safety options via SafeMotion Monitor (including FSoE)
  • Color Graphic Display
  • Optimized for single-cable power and feedback
TBM Series Medium Image

TBM Series Frameless >

Our TBM series provides direct drive frameless motors designed to be directly embedded in the mechanical structure of your systems, minimizing weight, size and inertia without sacrificing performance.

High TorquePOWERMAX II® M and P Stepper Motors - Kollmorgen

POWERMAX II® M and P Stepper Motors >

The POWERMAX II® M and P Series are NEMA 23 stepper motors feature an octagonal housing and are available in half-, single-, and two-stack configurations. These units offer a wide variety of standard options and affordable co-engineered modifications, without sacrificing scalability and lead time.

KBM Series Frameless

KBM Series Frameless >

The KBM series offers high performance, long life, simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your mechanical design. A huge selection of standard motors and cost-effective modifications ensure a perfect fit.

Direct Drive Linear Motors

Direct Drive Linear Motors >

A Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motor is basically a rotary motor that is laid out flat and directly coupled to the driven load, eliminating the need for ball/lead screws, rack and pinions, belts/pulleys and gearboxes.

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