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AKD2G EtherCAT W7011 Warning and F7011 Fault Synchronization Error Support >

This article provides details related to cause and remedy of the W7011 warning and F7011 Fault in the AKD2G EtherCAT drive.

KAS IDE fails to load ESI files and display missing ESI files error messages when FIPS security policy is enabled >

KAS IDE fails to load the ESI files from the ESI library and fails to add the EtherCAT devices to the project when the FIPS (Federal Information Process Standards) security policy is enabled on the computer. This failure may be noticed when using…

Grounding and Shielding Landing Page (Prevent Noise Issues) >

Broad best practices and resources for EMI best practices & troubleshooting.

WorkBench Display Issues >

Some users have reported display issues within WorkBench, the symptoms usually are cut texts or images, missing elements or missplaced elements. Issue: The problem is due to the fact that part of our application is working using WinForms technology…

G & L Basic Support Document  >

This document covers the basic support for the G&L products.  It includes information  on the three different edition levels of PicPro.  Information on the different G&L files types and how to determine what version…

WorkBench - Tweak Communication Parameters for Slow Connections (VPN, ...) >

WorkBench (version ≥ has some accessible parameters to tweak the way data are exchanged with the drive. Keywords sent to the drive and answers returned will be grouped together to build bigger packets of data. This is particularly…

EMC For Sevo Drives and Motors >

Troubleshooting EMI Noise and making EMC Compliance with Kollmorgen Drives.

KAS Issue When Creating A New Project >

A crash can occur when creating a new project and there is no default printer selected on the PC. The workaround is  to set a default printer. Here is the procedure for selecting a default printer: 1. Click on the Start button and type…

Windows 10 - Win10 Screen Resolution Partial Descriptions Shown  >

Below is a sample of a new project that has been opened in KAS/Win10. Some descriptions are cut off. One solution: “Pin” the Kollmorgen IDE to the start menu Used a right mouse click over the IDE icon, then left mouse click on Properties as…
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