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Radford (R03) to Germany (D01) Accessories Cross Reference | 06 May 2014 | |

Radford (R03) to Germany (D01) Accessories Cross Reference

This excel file contains many of the accessories sold in the U.S. and Europe.  Often the U.S. part number will coincide with the European standard of DE-XXXXX.  This file contains the part numbers that diverge from this standard.

This is still preliminary; it may not contain all of the accessory differences.  Below is the basic setup of the attached file.

CategoryGerman Part Number (D01)North American Part number (R03)Description  
Option CardsDE-200566OPT-BRSTO bridge (use instead of safety card)  
Option CardsDE-101174OPT-CBOPT.CARD,CANopenBUS (2 PORTS),S600  
ChokesDE-1079293YLN-06Motor choke 3YLN-06 6 A CE, UL  

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