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Modbus TCP Master List for AKD1G | 17 Feb 2020 | |

Modbus TCP Master List for AKD1G

Basic functionality was tested with hardware or learned over a Web meeting.

100% compatibility is not guaranteed.

  Word Swapping Possible? Word Swapping Achieved By: Base 0 or Base 1? Offset Required? IEC61131 Syntax Available? Example Address
Kollmorgen AKD / Beijer Yes Selectable under Tags > Settings > Settings > 32-bit Word Swapping and either Motorola for Big Endian or Intel for Little Endian Selectable under Tags > Settings > Settings > Start Address for either 0-Based or 1-Based No, if 0-Based is selected   40224 for 224 in AKD
Automation Direct HMI Yes Selectable in Panel Manager > Panel > Ethernet > Word Order Base 1 Yes. Offset by +1   42073 Signed Int 32 PL.FB_32 is 2072 in AKD
4255 Unsigned Int 32 DRV.EN is 254 in AKD
Red Lion HMI Yes Selectable in Communicatinos > Network > Protocol > Modbus TCP/IP Master > PLC1 > Word Ordering Base 1 Yes. Offset by +1   402073.LONG is PL.FB_32 and is 2072 in AKD
Maple Systems HMI   Tag Addressing using the prefix 5x instead of 4x Base 1 Yes. Offset by +1   5x2073 for 2072 in AKD
Proface HMI Yes Setting for Double Word Order under Individual Device Settings Selectable under Address Mode under Individual Device Settings No if 0-Based is selected Yes %MW05003, 405003
AB Micrologix PLC Yes While AB doesn't have a setting in the configuration of Modbus TCP, you can use dynamic mapping in the AKD and then use the CPW function block in the PLC to copy the data of the 2 consecutive N7 integer register into an L11 long integer. Base 1 Yes. Offset by +1   255 is DRV.EN and 254 in the AKD
Modbus Poll Software Yes Display Formatting Selectable No if 0-Based is selected    
Trio Motion Controller No Could use Dynamic Mapping in AKD Base 0 No   8192 is 8192 and read or written to/from a VR(x) register in the Trio
Exor HMI Yes Set in each tag's attributes Selectable under Config > Protocols > Modbus TCP > PLC Models and either Generic 0-Based or Modicon 1-Based No if Generic 0-Based is selected   400548 Unsigned Int (swap4:swap2) is 548 in AKD
Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLC Will investigate and test. KDN article shows User Defined Function Blocks        

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