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Running AKM with Python >

Hi   We have tried to make this Kollmorgen motors AKM24D work with running Python over Modbus but are experiencing a few problems. Its running FastApi ( with a PostgreSQL for storing sensor data and…

MT.ACC using MODBUS and KVB >

Hello, How to update MT.ACC from a HMI panel and KVB?  I have a KVB field, tagged MT_ACC and linked to Modbus register 40526 and set as float. When I try to enter a value for the acceleration, it is not updated in my AKD drive. It neither…

Cause S-curve velocity ramp >

I am commanding the AKD drive in velocity mode.  I would like to obtain an S-curve velocity profile.  The way the drive is controlled now is to command 0rpm and then 80 rpm to go that speed.  The standard motion creates some problems…

Automation Direct HMI Modbus TCP Communications to AKD1G >

This application note demonstrates configuration and addressing for Modbus TCP communications a Automation Drive HMI using their C-More Programming Software. The application notes is an example only and the implementation and verification…

Modbus TCP Master List for AKD1G >

Basic functionality was tested with hardware or learned over a Web meeting. 100% compatibility is not guaranteed.

What's the recommended method to communicate with the AKD-PCMM from a .NET windows application? >

I'm controlling my PCMM from a custom C# .NET Windows application which is also controlling some other hardware. I can currently communicate with the drive via http get/set requests. But what is the recommended method to communicate with the drive?…

G&L Modbus Serial Example Rev. A 6-3-2019 >

This application note demonstrates specifically with Digital MMC Smartdrive with Drive Resident Control Card to Modbus Poll and to KVB/AKI configured as Modbus Serial masters.

AKD Jogging Using Modbus TCP >

This application note demonstrates two methods for achieving a jog forward and jog reverse using Service Motion and Modbus TCP. This applies to the AKD-B and AKD-P drives as the AKD-T ( BASIC ) and KAS platforms have other methods for achieving the…

AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page >

This landing page contains links to other articles and downloads relating to AKD Modbus TCP communication.
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