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KAS Safety System with SCU Safety Controller | 12 Nov 2021 | |

KAS Safety System with SCU Safety Controller

This application note details creating and running a KAS Safety application with:

  • PCMM Machine/Motion Controller
  • SafePLC2 Safety Controller
  • AKD2G Servo Drive with FS3 safety card
  • AKT2G Safety I/O
  • FSOE Safety


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Supported Safety Functions
  • FW/SW/IDE  Considerations
  • Meeting Safety Ratings
  • Minimum Wiring
  • PCMM Controller Setup
  • AKT2G Safety IO setup
  • SafePLC2 Programming Basics
  • Building a Safety Program
  • SCU - PCMM Communications During System Operation
  • Running a SCU Safety program
  • Safety Parameter Transfer (SafetyPLC2 based safety configuration)
  • Monitoring a Running Safety Project - Project Animation
  • AKD2G/ Workbench Setup
  • Verification
  • Safety Brake (to be added)
  • Safety Feedback

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