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KAS Profinet watchdog settings

The PDMM allows the use of a Profinet RT connection on the X32 TCP/IP port.

Profinet RT, as a real time protocol, has higher priority than the regular TCP/IP data on the X32 port. If the X32 port is used in connection with the KAS web interface it still can happen that the Profinet connection misses a frame. Profinet has an automatic supervision of lost frames and stops connection on too many losses. This setting of the watchdog has to be done in the communication master. The regular communication setting allows an update rate of 8ms for the real time communication and a watchdog of three frames equals 24 ms. To make Profinet communication more stable in connection with use of the web browser interface it's recommended to rise the watchdog frames to seven or higher. A too short watchdog timeout can lead to unwanted Profinet communication interrupts while using the KAS web browser interface.

Controller Log in KAS due to watchdog communication fault with a watchdog set at 3 frames:


Master configuration with KAS:


Master configuration with TIA:


In connection with Siemens TIA portal is recommended to use KAS or higher.