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toddevans01's picture
1 week 5 days ago

This application note applies only to the AKD-P-NxEI Motion Tasking Drive with Ethernet IP communications.

For the KAS, PDMM, and PCMM platform and use of Ethernet IP communications please see the support documentation that applies to them.

The Sample Project and Ethernet IP manual show the setup for communicating to 1 AKD drive.

toddevans01's picture
3 weeks 2 days ago
This article demonstrates how to monitor IL.CMD and IL.FB over Ethernet IP using dynamic mapping.
toddevans01's picture
3 weeks 3 days ago

The AKD_Move AOI is not designed for blended moves, i.e. start one move and blend into another. The block method will be required if blended moves are absolutely required for the application. This could also apply to a registration move application.

The block method by definition is by definition from the Ethernet IP manual:


cwontrop's picture
1 month 1 week ago

Sometimes a user would like verification that a new recipe has been loaded. The following describes two methods for doing this.

Method 1

Add the System Tag “LatestLoadedRecipeName” and tie it to a string variable (example: LastRecipeLoadedName) in the PxMM. The PxMM will know if the recipe has been loaded if the recipe name changes.

When the recipe changes a AKI popup message could also be displayed:

The popup is created in kvb as a new screen and can appear automatically when  “LatestLoadedRecipeName” changes by setting up in the Actions field: Show Screen” action: