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toddevans01's picture
6 days 2 hours ago

BDS5 Installation Manual

For Programming,etc. see BDS5 User Manual

Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
2 weeks 12 min ago

The attached KAS projects are blank templates for users that want to start completely from scratch. They do not have sample code, control panels, and KVB projects that other template programs built into the KAS IDE software have.

Stefano Giacomelli's picture
Stefano Giacomelli
1 month 6 days ago

A new KAS project can be built starting from the available templates.

However the user can decide to build an empty project: in this case, it's possible to add the following functions for ETC and Motion Engine initialization.

Motion Engine PLCOpen:


Motion Engine PipeNetwork:

toddevans01's picture
1 month 6 days ago

Often users need to upload the parameters out of a failed drive and recommission a spare drive with the archived parameters.

The attached documents detail these procedures.

Note the documents assume you have the same model, hardware and firmware revisions. Attempting to clone a drive with

differences will likely yield errors when you attempt to download to the spare drive.