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 Industry 4.0 is a term the German government coined to describe the new Smart Factory: Computerization of manufacturing. It suggests that four design principles, which leverage nine pillars of Industry 4.0, are catalyzing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 is often used synonymously with Manufacturing 4.0.

According to BCG (Boston Consulting Group), the nine pillars of Industry 4.0 are:
Autonomous Robots; Big Data; Cloud Computing; Internet of Things (IoT & IIoT); Cybersecurity; System Integration; Simulation; Augmented Reality (and Virtual Reality); Additive Manufacturing (e.g., 3D printing)

A key benefit of this 4th Industrial Revolution is mass-customization: The ability to deliver customized products with standard lead-times and in low volume, high-mix production environment. With our intelligent and programmable motion control, Kollmorgen can help you become efficient at mass-customization.

The fact is, Kollmorgen has been mass customizing its own products since its inception over 100 years ago. Kollmorgen has been a leader in customization and Co-Engineering for decades. And we can teach you how to do it.

Or perhaps you want to collect data to predict failure and schedule maintenance?

Maybe you already have control systems in place, for instance, from Siemens? But you cannot compromise motion performance? Maybe you want to understand what you already own that you can leverage as part of your Industry 4.0 (Manufacturing 4.0) journey?

Please call us. We want to help.

For more information on Industry 4.0, please click here.