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Your Partner In Motion.

In medical care, doctors are usually categorized as “generalists” or “specialists”. The generalists will refer you to a specialist when you have a specific need they cannot solve with their standard tools of their trade.

Kollmorgen is that specialist in Motion: With our deep practical knowledge of electromagnetic theory and control, we are uniquely positioned to help you solve your most demanding motor and motion control requirements.

Our customers are leaders and innovators in many industries, such as Aerospace & Defense; Printing; Packaging & Converting; Food & Beverage Processing; Medical Imaging, In Vitro Diagnostics & Laboratory Automation; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing; Material Forming and Cutting; Oil & Gas; and Robotics.
Kollmorgen is also a leader in Warehouse Automation, including complete AGV systems, software, awareness and autonomy.

Unparalleled Expertise.

Our solutions combine programming software and our Developers’ Network and Forum, engineering services and best-in-class motion components for a superior, single-source solution.

With over sixty years of motion control design and development expertise, nearly 100 motion-related patents, and machine-design assistance on staff, we can help you design your next machine to be sleeker, quieter, and more efficient than your prior machine; and better than your competitors.

Let us help.  

Why risk your critical motion with a PLC supplier?

Innovators consistently rate Kollmorgen as one of their best motion systems manufacturing partners. Whether you are looking for classic servo motors; direct drive servo motors; stepper motors; drives & amplifiers; gearheads; actuators; or CNC & multi-axis motion controllers; Kollmorgen is one of the few companies in the world whom actually design and manufacture all of these products.

We are your source for Motion Control.  

Global. Yet Local.

Kollmorgen offers the shortest lead-time in the industry. We not only have thousands of COTS products available with a 2-week-or-better lead-time, we are also the best in our industry at quick customization and clean-sheet design.

How do we do it?

We offer short lead-times by Manufacturing and production in-region for region. We have a global supply chain and low-cost manufacturing around the globe to drive cost-effectiveness, continuity and timeliness.

Our engineering centers of excellence and customer service in all major regions of the world, with application knowledge and rapid customization and prototyping, enable close collaboration with our customers.

Our motors, drives and controls can be found on Mars and in space; Ships and submarines; O&G drilling and metrology; Surgical robots and laser eye surgery; even inside of artificial hearts. These are just a few applications that demand high performance and high quality while satisfying their specific needs.

Our extremely high quality has earned trust with even the most demanding of these innovators.

If you think of yourself as an innovator, and rely on precise motion to realize the innovation and differentiation, Kollmorgen would enjoy the opportunity to be your partner.