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Simulation during design has existed since CAD software was introduced.

The advantage of simulation is to vary a system without costly prototyping, and without disturbing production.

Simulation is becoming an even greater part in production and operation: Simulations today use live data to verify systems using augmented reality and, in some situations, virtual reality.

The benefit of simulation is greater efficiency of your design cycle and reduced expense.

Automated Guided Vehicles

NDC8 Provides Simulation capabilities during the design of an AGV system. It enables the users to make sure that the layout and the functions are working as expected before spending valuable time on site. The user also gets a good understanding of the system performance without using actual AGVs.

Industrial Automation

AKD2G uses MechaWare™ to provides the ability to fine-tune performance and create custom solutions for complex controls challenges—in particular, issues of system resonance, vibration control and settling time. The MechaWare block library is used with MATLAB®/Simulink® to provide a graphical environment with full simulation capability, enabling engineers to easily program complex control system tasks and upload the code directly to any SynqNet® controller for immediate validation.

KAS uses simulation of system, including motion, during debugging.

Our controls, drives, servo motors, gearing and actuation all enable VR rides and simulators such as flight simulators and driving simulators. Whether you are designing a new simulator, or are converting from hydraulic/pneumatic, Kollmorgen can help.