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JBT Kollmorgen AKMH Success thumbnail  

JBT Portioning System Benefits from Kollmorgen Hygienic Motor Design.

Hygienic machine components should be designed to work with existing cleaning regimens, not against them. The AKMH™ Servo Motor is built to withstand the most rigorous wash-down regimens.
Buhler bakery automation succes story  

A Perfect Solution in Bakery Automation

For the pre-ferment, Bühler has developed a solution - JetMix - Better hygiene thanks to KOLLMORGEN’s stainless steel servo motor
Comau Kollmorgen – a flexible solution for the smart factory  

Comau – AGV – Comau’s first AGV: a flexible solution for the smart factory

The Turin-based giant chooses the motion control specialist as its AGV solution provider
 MEQuadrat - Rotary Indexing Table - Providing orientation for materials  

MEQuadrat - Rotary Indexing Table - Providing orientation for materials

Swiss company MEquadrat AG builds test systems with decentralized servo technology from KOLLMORGEN.

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 Kuka Robotics Success Story  

Kuka and Kollmorgen: Co-engineered Optimized Motors for Compact Robots

Kuka's compact robots in the KR Agilus series are precise, agile and fast. As agile systems, these five-axis and six-axis handling units feature short cycle times and high repeatability, particularly for pick-and-place tasks. Synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen's AKM series play a major role in achieving this high dynamic performance and precision. Using collaborative co-engineering, the two companies were able to reduce the installation volume of the motors compared to standard models, implement robot-specific applications and optimize the entire supply chain.

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 Universal Robots Success Story thumb  

Kollmorgen Drives: The lightweight helpers of Universal Robots

UR 5 and UR 10 are the names of the two models with which Universal Robots aim to establish the flexibility of articulated arm robots in industrial production. The focus is on work areas in which conventional robots have thus far been too big, too expensive, and too loud. Due to their low weight they can be used wherever they are needed. A large part of the power density of the six-axis articulated robots comes from specially adapted KBM motors from Kollmorgen. Universal Robots was able to embed the motors directly into the articulation axes without need for additional housings.

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 Tisse Injection Molding Machine success story  

Servo-Driven Injection Molding Machine Reduces Energy Consumption and Cycle Time

Traditional injections molding machines use fixed-speed, three-phase motors that run continuously to drive the hydraulic pumps that power the machine. Excess hydraulic oil, which is especially generated during the “clamp hold” and “cooling” portion of the cycle, is bled out through relief valves. This approach wastes large volumes of energy and also shortens the life of the oil.

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 Concept Solutions AKMH Success Story  

Multilane Thermoformer Actuator Results in Significant Cost Savings

Concept Solutions Inc. has been providing high-performance motion solutions to the food industry for over 25 years.  They recognized the need to provide an accurate, easy-to-use actuator that could allow a single printing head to print on multiple lanes of material entering a thermoforming packaging machine.  The application requires simple integration into the packaging line, easy setup, durability in a wash-down environment, and the ability to be cleaned.

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 Blister Packs  

450 Blisters per Minute...  PLC, Motion Control, and Drive as One Unit: A Complete Solution for PG Express

Unparalleled innovations and passion to shape up the future of India is what best describes Kollmorgen. Not resting on its laurels, Kollmorgen exhibits relentless performance, ensuring reliability and quality by way of products and solutions it offers. Bringing in latest technological innovations, Kollmorgen is participating in strengthening the packaging and metal forming market segment in a big way. 

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 North Star Wedge Maestro Apple Coring Machine  

North Star Looks to Kollmorgen for Hygienic Wash-Down Motor Solution

Challenge: North Star Engineered Products, Inc., a supplier of highly functional and durable food processing machinery since 1934, sought to make design enhancements to their Wedge Maestro apple coring machine to reduce product waste and increase shelf life.  In addition, North Star sought to eliminate a pneumatic cylinder, a frequent replacement part that operates in a refrigerated wash-down area on the machine.

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 Salvagnini Panel Bender  

Distributed Servo Technology Bends Panels into Better Shape

Challenge: Making a departure from traditional drive architectures in its new P2lean generation of machines, Salvagnini the world’s leading manufacturer of panel bending machines is using distributed servo amplifiers for positioning instead of keeping drives installed centrally in the control cabinet. And with this solution the new Kollmorgen AKD®-N series generates cost savings throughout the whole value chain.

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 TET Wireless Controller  

Kollmorgen and ReliantHeart Team Up to Produce Energy Efficient, Wireless LVAD

Challenge: ReliantHeart, Inc., an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies, sought to advance Left Ventricular Device (LVAD) technology by improving power efficiency of its drive system and charging components eliminating drivelines that exit the patient's body and attach to an external controller.

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Expand Machine Functionality with Integrated Direct Drive Technology and Reduced Parts Count

Challenge:  Expand the functionality of pharmaceutical packaging machines to support new requirements that demand a reliable vision system.
Solution: Robust direct drive technology using KBMTM that integrates an automated visual inspection process into existing machines without a gearbox platform.

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 Multivac Success Story - Improved Sealing Success  

Multivac Relies on Kollmorgen for Pneumatic to Electric Transition

Challenge:  Transition from pneumatics to electrics to help improve controllability and reduce noise emissions, while increasing productivity
Solution:  AKM® Washdown and Foodgrade options with single cable technology, along with AKD® Servo Drives helped reduce energy consumption, increase overall machine effectiveness, and improve safety of the packaging processes.

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 Bottero Trana 70x70  

Flat Glass, Double Edger “TITAN” Model Uses Proven Cost-Effective Motion Control Solution

Challenge:  Simplify machine design and reduce cost without sacrificing performance.
Solution:  AKD® PDMM based control system consisting of permanent magnet servo motors as well as induction motors with both open and closed loop functionality.

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 Lollipop 70x70  

Candy Production is Transformed with a Proven Cost-Effective Motion Control Solution

Challenge:  Simplify the candy machine without sacrificing performance.
Solution:  Couple the AKD® PDMM with the KBM™ series motor to reduce the bill of materials.

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 Matrix Success Story    

Robust Design, Excellent Value, Higher Sales

Challenge:  Improve sales with an affordable stepper solution. 
Solution:  K Series motor and P7000 drive which work cohesively together ensure optimal performance at excellent value. 
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Packging Progressions Success Story  

Washdown Motors: Increase Longevity

Challenge:  Increase longevity of motor under high pressure washdowns and maintain cleanliness.
Solution:  Engineered sealed stainless steel motor and gearbox featuring feedback and power cables.
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 When Motion Matters, Choose the Right Network for Optimum Performance image  

How Prinovis Reduced Scrap, Increased Throughp ut and Ensured Future Flexibility with Dynamic Motion Solution from Kollmorgen

In search of new controllers for register control of a rotogravure printing press, Prinovis Itzehoe GmbH implemented a new motion control solution from Kollmorgen that produced important, measurable results.

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 Considerations for Using a 61131 Compliant Language image    

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ Delivers Dynamic Performance to Maximize Productivity of Fully Automated Modular Paper Processing Machine

The RC-500J jumbo roll collator, manufactured by the German-based Jakob Graphic Services GmbH, is raising the bar when it comes to processing a wide variety of printed continuous paper products.
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 Kollmorgen Parts Put BRD in Pole Position    

Kollmorgen Parts Put BRD in Pole Position

Formula One racing teams demand the highest performance from every single component, which is why motion system specialist Ball Racing Developments Ltd uses high quality parts supplied by Kollmorgen.
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