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These devices include our EtherCAT Bus Coupler, Standard-Bus End Terminals, and Power supply terminal with fuse.

Please visit Discontinued Products for KAS AKT I/O (K-bus) materials. These are available to support existing customers only.
EtherCAT® Bus Coupler

EtherCAT® Bus Coupler >

The EtherCAT® Bus Coupler connects the real-time Ethernet system with modular, extendable electronic terminal blocks. A complete unit consists of a bus coupler, a set of bus terminals and one end terminal.

Bus End Terminal

Bus End Terminal >

Each EtherCAT terminal block must be terminated at the right hand end with a AKT2G-EM-000-000 bus end cap for mechanical and electrical protection.

Power Supply Terminal with Fuse

Power Supply Terminal with Fuse >

This power feed terminal enables you to set up various potential groups with standard 24 VDC voltages.


Fan Cartridge for EtherCAT and Bus Terminals >

The AKT2G-AC-FAN-001 fan cartridge is used for forced ventilation within the terminal housing and ensures better heat dissipation from the housing. It extends the thermal operating range of EtherCAT Terminals and offers a wide range of new application options. The cartridge is installed on the underside of the terminal segment and covers a width of four standard terminals (4 x 12 mm). It consists of the fan, an installation plate, a terminal strip (24 V DC, 0 V DC, diag, mode) and a bracket for attachment on different terminal housings.

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