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Available 4-channel analog input, parameterizable, as well as 2-channel input terminal for resistance sensors, and a 4-channel thermocouple input terminal.

Please visit Discontinued Products for KAS AKT I/O (K-bus) materials. These are available to support existing customers only.
4-channel analog input, parameterizable

4-channel analog input, parameterizable >

This 4-channel analog input, is parameterizable, for -10/0…+10 V, -20/0/+4…+20 mA, 16 bit.

2-channel input terminal for resistance sensors

2-channel input terminal for resistance sensors >

2-channel input terminal PT100 (RTD) for resistance sensors, 16 bit, 2-, 3-wire system

4-channel thermocouple input terminal

4-channel thermocouple input terminal >

4-channel thermocouple input terminal, preset to type K, with wire breakage detection, 16 bit.

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