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Wire Color Coding | 07 Nov 2013 | |

Wire Color Coding

Color coding of wires in a cable according to IEC 60757

Color Abbreviation
Black BK
Brown BN
Red RD
Orange OG
Yellow YE
Green GN
Blue BU
Violet VT
Grey GY
White WH
Pink PK
Gold GD
Turquoise TQ
Silver SR
Green - Yellow GNYE

Twisted pairs in a cable

The definition is given are according to DIN 47100, although this standard isn't valid since 1998. Most cable manufacturers nevertheless use this standard, because nothing else exists.

Pair No. Wire 1 Wire 2
1 white brown
2 green yellow
3 grey pink
4 blue red
5 black violet
6 grey/pink red/blue
7 white/green brown/green
8 white/yellow yellow/brown
9 white/grey grey/brown
10 white/pink pink/brown
11 white/blue brown/blue
12 white/red brown/red
13 white/black brown/black
14 grey/green yellow/grey
15 pink/green yellow/pink
16 green/blue yellow/blue
17 green/red yellow/red
18 green/black yellow/black
19 grey/blue pink/blue
20 grey/red pink/red
21 grey/black pink/black
22 grey/black red/black
Pair no. 23 starts with coding from pair no. 1 again.
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