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Special Modbus AKD Parameters

Special Modbus AKD Parameters

These AKD parameters were added for usability over Modbus TCP communication.

While this information is located in the Workbench help file under AKD BASIC Language, these parameter apply to all AKD drive models.



Bit 0 to 6: DIN.STATES

Bit 16 and 17: DOUT.STATES


Bit 0: Drive Active

Bit 1: STO Status

Bit 2: Pos Hw Limit

Bit 3: Neg Hw Limit

Bit 4: Pos Sw Limit

Bit 5: Neg Sw Limit


Bit 0: Stop

Bit 1: Enable


Bit 0: Has Brake

Bit 1: Brake Release


Bit 0: Start Homing

Bit 1: Set (current position as home position)


Bit 0: Clear (clears motion task MT.NUM)

Bit 1: Continue

Bit 2: Load (load motion task MT.NUM)

Bit 3: Set

Bit 4: Move (start move of MT.NUM)


Bit 0: One Direction (sets SM.MODE to either 0 or 1)

Bit 1: Start Move (Edge triggered)

    0 → 1: Start motion (execution of SM.MOVE)

    1 → 0: Stop motion (execution of DRV.STOP)


Martin Rupf's picture
Martin Rupf

There is one exeption to this, as Modbus is not available on the AKD Profinet.