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RediMount Adapters | 05 Aug 2014 | |

RediMount Adapters



  • Micron’s innovative RediMount system provides error free installation to any motor.
  • Self aligning
  • Each RediMount kit is motor specific - not gearhead specific & is completely separate from the gearhead
  • This allows the following:
    • Changing motors in the field with ease
    • Each specific kit can mount to any Micron gearhead within the same frame size

Assignment of Micron Gearheads to RediMount Adapters

Gearheads that fit to the RediMount Adapters

RediMount Adapters Micron Gearheads
RM060 XT060, VT006, VTR006
RM075 VT075, VTR075, VT090, VTR090
RM090 XT080,
RM100 VT010, VTR010, VT115, VTR115
RM115 XT120
RM142 XT160
RM180 VT018, VTR018
RM220 VT014, VTR014

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