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Fault Codes Motors | 08 Aug 2008 | |

Fault Codes Motors

Motors Mechanical / motors Other
MA motor 70 balance 93 Wear
MB brake 71 fit/play 94 Endat ECN 1313
MC terminal box / flange box 72 sealing ring 95 Endat EQN 1325
MD connectors 73 bent / worn / dented 96 -
ME encoder 74 loose / detached 97 No/wrong packaging
MG gearing/clutch 75 charred / burnt out 98 No fault found
MH fan, housing 76 rotor / shaft 99 described error not determined
MI pulse/incremental encoder 77 stator / lamination 00 other
MK terminal panel 78 cogging    
ML bearing 79 wire break / open circuit    
MM motor mechanics 80 destroyed / torn / broken    
MN bearing plate 81 B-side    
MO commutator / brushes 82 A-side    
MR resolver 83 housing    
MS thermostat 84 -    
MT tachometer / halls 85 paint / surface    
fan 86 damage    
MV housing 87 ground fault (short)    
MW motor winding 88 winding fault    
MF no fault found 89 magnets    
MY other 90 lost parts inside the motor    
MJ rotor 91 noise / resonance (no load)    
    92 replacement    
Fault causes
General faults Customer fault Manufacturing fault
F part missing K1 connection fault H0 KVP
FF effective error K2 wrong usage H2 faulty assembly
W mistaken/wrong part K3 contamination H3 out of tolerance
M not properly assembled K4 overheating H4 wrong module / controller type
D material defect K5 faulty application H5 wrong component
N no details K6 attempted/faulty repair H6 coding, setting, basic adjustment
S other K9 other H7 circuit diagram / component layout
T transport damage K10 faulty assembly H8 other documents / nameplate
U Rebuilding , customer's request     H9 other
Repair operation Procedure Cost center
Düsseldorf R return G warranty
S0 faulty repair MW maintenance K fair dealing
S9 other U rebuild B to be invoiced
    ER external repair    
Brno E replacement,    
B0 faulty repair EN - because irreparable    
B9 other EV - precautionary, not ex-gratia    
    W goods inwards test    
    V precautionary    
    X irreparable / scrap    
    LU unrepaired / back to customer    
    Y other    
Note: If the fault designation OTHER is used, an additional description is always required.

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